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Testing a Controller with Jasmine

To test an Angular controller, we have to do a little more work. Remember that the main purpose of the controller is to initialise $scope. If we want to test functions on our controller, we must get hold of a $scope object, use the controller to initialise it, and then check that it does what we expect it to do.

We do this in a beforeEach block. This will build a new $scope object before each test is executed:

describe('MyController', function() {
// Load the module containing MyController
var scope;
// inject the $controller and $rootScope services
beforeEach(inject(function($controller, $rootScope) {
// Create a new scope from $rootScope
scope = $rootScope.$new();
// Instantiate the controller
$controller('myController', {
$scope: scope
it('should have a hamster', function() {
it('should say hello to Hammy', function() {
expect(scope.greeting).toBe('Hello Hammy');

Exercise - Test the controllers

Use the shopping cart exercise from the last exercise. Write tests for the titleController and the cartController.

Exercise - destroy the helidrones

Your helidrones have been destroyed by United Nations special forces.

The calculator app has a reset button which resets the inputs to zero. Write a test which calls the zero() function and checks that num1 and num2 have become zero.