Forward Advance Learning

Integration and REST

In this section we are going to attempt to build a realistic app against a real API.

We have a public restful API that has articles, authors and comments. The endpoint is at:

In order to get a list of all current articles, you would hit:

To get a specific article, get

To create an article, post a JSON payload to

The API spec is as follows:

GET /api/v1/articles/:id/destroy
POST /api/v1/articles/:id/update
GET /api/v1/articles/:article_id/comments
GET /api/v1/articles
POST /api/v1/articles
GET /api/v1/articles/:id
GET /api/v1/authors/:id/destroy
POST /api/v1/authors/:id/update
GET /api/v1/authors/:author_id/articles
GET /api/v1/authors
POST /api/v1/authors
GET /api/v1/authors/:id
GET /api/v1/comments/:id/destroy
POST /api/v1/comments/:id/update
GET /api/v1/comments
POST /api/v1/comments
GET /api/v1/comments/:id

Exercise - integration

We are going to build a little app that can talk to this API. Use the NG-cli to make this easier.

You will need to create a nice little service that can do the AJAX. Pick a resource (probably articles), and make a service that can talk to it.

Now make a component that will inject the service. This will get a list of articles and render them on the page.

For bonus points, allow the user to click on an article and render it on the page.