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Built In Template Directives, ngIf & ngFor

Angular 2 comes with a small selection of template directives to help you achieve common tasks. These are:

  • NgIf - for conditional content
  • NgFor - for iterating over arrays
  • NgClass - for dynamic classes
  • NgStyle - for adding styles conditionally


Lets us display conditional content. The content will be shown if the expression evaluates to true.

<div *ngIf="location.exits.left">Go Left</div>


<li *ngFor="let cat of cats">

Lets us loop over content in an array. You might use this to list out a set of people or things.

What is the * all about?

Because NgIf and NgFor don't have templates of their own, they use the html element they are attached to. The little star tells Angular to use the current element as a template for the directive.

Escape the Dungeon Exercise - NgFor and NgIf

Use NgFor to show or hide the direction buttons depending on which directions you can go in.


Create an inventory object. Use the hero object as a base. Create a component that will list out the current inventory.